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When is the best time to visit Mauritius?

  • 20/01/2023
  • Destination

    Mauritius’ paradisiacal setting and tropical climate mean you can stay all year round and enjoy the best weather conditions. No matter when you plan your trip to Mauritius, you will enjoy its beautiful beaches, swimming in crystal clear waters and meeting its friendly people. Whether you’re traveling alone, as a couple or with your family, browse through the calendar of exciting activities that await you.   January to February in Mauritius: Celestial Dragons and Sacred Lake   The national events in Mauritius start in the middle of the southern summer, between the end of January and the beginning of February, with early morning fireworks: our Chinese citizens celebrate the New Year, a time of festivities and rejoicing for the community, with the dance of dragons and lions in various places.   In the damp heat of late February or early March, the magnificent Maha Shivaratri pilgrimage takes place, where pilgrims dressed in white converge on the sacred lake of Ganga Talao in Grand-Bassin for night prayers on this breathtakingly beautiful site. If you are in Mauritius at this time of the year, go and share these moments of intense fervour.   Found here our guide about activities in Mauritius during begining of the year.   As far as temperatures are concerned, summer is here, with high temperatures (up to 34° on the coast) and pleasant swimming in 28° water, ideal for water sports activities. The trade winds make the purple flamboyant trees rustle and the tasty mangoes and pulpy litchis are on every stall. It is also the cyclone season and that of sudden tropical showers, but refreshing in such heat.   Enjoying the island in March and April in Mauritius   The summer heat is beginning to ease, the rains are frequent and the tourist rush is over. This is the perfect time for a romantic getaway or a family holiday to enjoy the cultural life in Mauritius.   On 11 March, head to the dancefloor at the Mystik Festival at the Maritim Resorts & Spa in Balaclava, with a great performance by international and local artists and an international guest. National patriotism is proudly displayed on homes and cars and thousands of four-coloured flags celebrate the bank holidays on 12 March, usually with a street party and concerts. At the end of April, head to Chinatown to celebrate Chinese culture and gastronomy. Traditional dishes, colourful shows and a variety of activities delight visitors to this popular district of Port Louis.   In May and June in Mauritius: On the deserted beach…   The highly tropical Mauritian autumn displays average temperatures of 25° and water ideal for swimming with deserted beaches in this low tourist season. It is a perfect time to spend a day exploring the island’s splendid beaches, such as the less frequented Trou d’Eau douce or Belle-Mare in the east, and to experience an amazing day on the mythical Ile aux Cerfs in a setting worthy of a postcard.   As for folklore, the Dragon Boat Festival in Port-Louis on the seafront is the place to be, where crews compete in a traditional dragon boat race. This festival, listed as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO, brings together supporters and spectators in a joyful atmosphere.   July and August in Mauritius   The mildness of the Mauritian winter (between 20° and 23°) and the absence of heavy rains are ideal for endurance activities: that’s why many trails take place in this season. Come and test your endurance on the rugged terrain of the beautiful mountains, on exclusive 100% natural trails and live an incredible adventure, supervised by experienced sports, technical and medical teams, in a very friendly atmosphere.     During this period of humpback whale migration, check out the aquatic ballet of these giants of the sea on the West Coast.    Looking for a total cultural immersion?  Visit one of Mauritius’ beaches or rivers at the end of August for Ganesh Chaturti, the celebration of the birth of the God Ganesh, whose statues are immersed in natural water places. Our concierges will tell you where the festivities are taking place near our hotels.  September and October: intense Mauritius   More of a contemplative mood? Indulge in the irresistible beauty of the deserted beaches to perfect your tan and marvel at the Festival of Lights, Divali, when Mauritius is lit up with thousands of small clay lamps (on 24 October this year). To experience this magnificent celebration to the fullest, walk through the towns and villages and share the delicacies offered to foreign visitors by Mauritians. In the mild Mauritian spring with ideal running temperatures (between 24° and 27°), put on your trail shoes and challenge the international and local champions in one of the most beautiful races of the sporting calendar. Discover the inland landscapes of Mauritius, climb beautiful mountains and pass through peaceful villages. The CIEL Ferney Trail 2023 takes place on 9 September in the Ferney Valley, Grand-Port (south-west of Mauritius). To participate in the Ferney Trail in the beautiful landscape of this preserved reserve, click here : https://www.ferney.mu/ciel-ferney-trail  Spend the end of the year, November and December in Mauritius   Escape the winter gloom for the magnificent colours of the Mauritian summer. The end of the year means school holidays and beautiful days at the beach or hiking to enjoy the long sunny days under 30°. Many service providers offer a wide range of water sports activities on all the beautiful beaches of the island, so you can enjoy the ideal swimming temperature. This is also the favourite season for many couples for a romantic and exotic wedding or an unforgettable honeymoon in Mauritius: ask Sandrine and Rebecca, our booking department, for advice on how to make your dream honeymoon a success and discover our special offers.   Mauritius remains attractive and exciting in all seasons with its sumptuous landscapes and a plethora of sports and cultural activities for an unforgettable holiday


Unusual accommodation on Rodrigues Island

  • 26/09/2022
  • MJ Holidays

Rodrigues, Mauritius’ younger sister, is a charming haven for visitors staying there. This tiny island has retained its natural beauty surrounded by arid coastal landscapes and green mountains. Nestled within this beautiful and forested landscape is Origin, the island’s most beautiful and eco-friendly lodge.   The perfect name for a village Eloïse and Samuel, a Mauritian couple, fell in love with this dense and wooded valley without any access, not far from the village of Vainqueur. The area’ s peacefulness, isolation and beauty inspired them to settle down there and develop their eco-lodge project, an intimate setting that blends harmoniously with nature’s lush and unspoilt surroundings. After four years of hard work, the result is breathtaking.   Origin chalets, a tribute to nature Set in the heart of a superb forest, four ecological chalets nestled under the canopy of century-old mango trees, built of wood from sustainably managed forests. Built on stilts, these cottages offer a spectacular panorama over the surrounding woodland and gorges. The charming chalets are soberly but tastefully furnished, and include a veranda and a private pool with non-chlorinated water. Water is collected from rainfall and filtered. The cleaning products are also 100% ecological: essential oils, vinegar and bicarbonate of soda. This green paradise is the perfect place for contemplative people and nature lovers.   A Lodge designed on a human scale Escape from the hustle and bustle of the tourist industry, recharge your batteries and indulge in the unique beauty of this lodge in absolute privacy: Origin blends simplicity, comfort and warm hospitality to the joys of hiking in and around the lodge. Those seeking peace and relaxation will find the exceptional location of the site particularly appealing, be it with a good book or just meditating on the terrace.   Taste fresh produce grown in our garden Origin’s cuisine is excellent and Eloise has turned it into one of the best restaurants in Rodrigues. Even if you are not staying at Origin, you can still go there to taste its refined and healthy dishes. Pesticide-free Garden produce grown in an aquaponic greenhouse is privileged, the orchard fruit is picked according to the traditional plant companion technique, and the corn-fed poultry and livestock raised on the small farm are served according to the “farm to fork” philosophy, which guarantees quality of taste and animal welfare. All non-Origin products are supplied by local like-minded farmers. After your meal, treat yourself to the house rhums on offer.   Origin Eco Lodge is our absolute favourite in Rodrigues. A still discreet address, reserved for those who appreciate unspoilt natural surroundings, worth discovering on your next trip to this small island.


Two labels of excellence for our resorts

  • 26/09/2022
  • News

Marguery Villas and Mythic Suites & Villas have been awarded TripAdvisor’s Travelers’ Choice 2022 and Agoda’s Travelers’ Choice 2022 labels, both of which are given to hotels committed to environmentally friendly and sustainable practices. These labels are granted on the basis of travelers’ comments and opinions. We feel so proud of how much our guests feel at home with us. In her happiness interview, Isabelle Descroizilles, Managing Director, comments on what led to these awards:   What is your approach to making your travelers happy? First and foremost, we offer a private villa concept with its own swimming pool and garden, along with tailor-made hotel services, to ensure our guests feel as comfortable as at home. Space, autonomy, privacy and comfort are guaranteed in our resorts! Even before the guest’s arrival, we create a bond through mutual exchanges, so as to better understand them and identify both their expectations and needs. It is a close and attentive involvement which goes on when they are welcomed in the villa. In line with our Mauritian tradition, each of our team members contributes to creating a unique atmosphere of smiles, friendliness, availability and authenticity. Whether it is cleaning, maintenance, catering or our concierge service, each one adds his or her own personal touch to our quality standards, creating a unique bond with our travelers. More than a stay, we offer an experience, an encounter! We are proud to contribute every day to the excellent reputation of Mauritian hospitality and to feel that our guests are happy.   How do you still manage to surprise travelers after 5 years? By proposing a unique hybrid formula, which is neither a mere holiday rental, nor a normal hotel complex. Through our brochures, websites and social networks, travelers get to know our resorts and our promise of an outstanding stay that combines a comfortable and spacious environment with tailor-made services. Enjoying a massage in the open air under the gazebo of your private villa and then swimming in the pool after your care is a pleasure easily available. Should our guests feel like enjoying a barbecue in their private garden? Our Chef meets with them to decide on the menu and the tastes of everyone… The idea is to please, to be flexible, adaptable to ensure that each stay, each experience is unique, just like our travelers.   So, what is your secret recipe? People are at the heart of our approach, as all our partners, employees and travelers share the same values. We make sure that everyone feels valued, that every action, every smile is sincere and caring, that each person is acknowledged and thanked for his or her contribution. A worthy goal, not always achievable given the challenges we have to face.  And that’s what makes the hospitality business so exciting. We have to work hard every day because travelers are constantly assessing us on results. We have to juggle with technical problems, breakdowns, delays and oversights… To overcome these problems, the quality of the human relationship often saves us from complicated situations, as well as our way of managing them. Among the innovations praised by these labels, digitalization or the automation of tasks with little added human value have freed up more time for our travelers.   With its two resorts, Marguery Villas and Mythic Suites & Villas, MJ provides a unique hotel experience, making our travelers feel at home, even if they are just passing through. Our offer is totally in line with the current trend: intimacy, conviviality, authenticity and simplicity.


End of the year cultural programme you shouldn’t miss!

  • 26/09/2022
  • Activities

The cultural scene in Mauritius constantly enchants visitors with its diversity. The country’s rich variety of cultures and audiences has made it an ideal melting pot of musical events. Let us suggest two memorable programmes. Whether you’re an avid aria-lover or a baroque fan, get dressed up for a great opera performance. Thirsty for a colourful, authentic and joyful immersion in Mauritian culture? The Kreol Festival offers a week of intense and vibrant emotions.   Cultural and artistic programming in Mauritius 28th september 2022 : A night at the opera with Lisa Engelbrecht and Makudu Senaoana Many years ago, the greatest French opera and operetta troupes used to come to Mauritius to practice their show. The audience in Mauritius was reputed to be demanding and experienced and the legendary Plaza and Port-Louis theatres welcomed these music lovers in style. Going to an opera night and enjoying it under Mauritian skies is something you won’t want to miss during your stay. On 28 September, the Caudan Arts Center in Port-Louis hosts two very talented artists for an evening of a wide variety of opera styles ranging from baroque to classical, Italian romantic arias by Puccini, French comic opera, Viennese operetta and musical theatre. Lisa Engelbrecht is an opera vocal coach and pianist at the University of Cape Town School of Opera and performs regularly in South Africa as part of the Cape Opera Ensemble and internationally in the UK and Mauritius (Music Society). South African tenor Makudu Senaoana, a talented and versatile performer, has done considerable stage work with Cape Town Opera, most recently in Monteverdi’s Vespers as well as a gala concert and has appeared alongside the one and only Bryn Terfel with the Cape Philharmonic Orchestra for the South African Wagner Society.   Tickets can be booked here.   From 16 to 25 November : International Kreol Festival (IKF) The IKF is a festival that takes place from November 16 to 25. It includes traditional Sega, local theatre, a regatta and many events focusing on Mauritian and Creole identity and the celebration of the island’s culture.   What makes the festival, organized by the Ministry of Tourism and the Office for the Promotion of Tourism, so interesting is its rich range of events and venues, which offer real moments of conviviality in a good-natured and festive atmosphere. Many young or renowned talents, and the opportunity to get to know other aspects of the island: a week of full cultural immersion to suit children and adults alike. We recommend: the Poetry & Jazz fusion at the Château de La Bourdonnais, the splendid pirogue regatta with its shimmering colours at Mahébourg, the slam competition and the typical evening at the village of Le Morne. To make your choice and check out the full programme:  www.fik.mu     Feel the thrill, the excitement, the revelations, the good vibes… Get to know the quality but never elitist cultural programme in Mauritius at the end of the year and discover the great multicultural richness of your favourite holiday destination.


TOP 3 sensational activities to do with your family in Mauritius

  • 20/08/2022
  • Uncategorized

Feel like pretending to be a superhero on your Mythic Suites & Villas stay? Fancy some exciting and unforgettable adventures? Go for three 100% adrenaline-fueled activities to push you over the edge and share some great family fun.   – Fly as an Iron Man thanks to Flyboarding This amazing discipline was brought to the world by Franky Zapata from France. Fly over the water like Iron Man with hydro-propelled lifter ( HPL ), open to all from 5 years old and with no particular physical condition. Meet the certified technical team and instructors, put on your superhero costume, and fly over the crystal-clear waters of Grand-Baie on a tandem flight with one of the instructors. Hover between 1m and 3m and dive like dolphins for a 10-minute adventure guaranteed to provide thrills and memories of a lifetime.   – Feel like Tarzan as you walk the lions at Casela Home to many lions, cheetahs and caracals, Casela Park provides this very unique opportunity for those with a strong heart. Take a walk alongside these powerful felines together with a trained animal handler and experience the thrill of a lifetime. The lions have become familiar with sharing their time with you but it is still a once-in-a-lifetime experience for those lucky enough to take the plunge. Visitors can enjoy watching the lions while they play, pet them and ask for a souvenir shot. No nearby lianas to swing from, nor wild screams to utter: the king of the bush is the lion, but for a short moment you may feel like a superhero. The only restriction is to be of a minimum height to participate in the experience.   – Play as James Bond 007 on a submarine scooter ride Dive underwater and explore the lagoons of Mauritius in a tropical and peaceful version of a 2-seater submersible scooter. From the safety of a bubble of fresh air, discover the many treasures of the sea bed from a 360° view. Your safety is ensured by an experienced team during the trip, thus allowing you to make the most of the moment with complete peace of mind. Fish, coral, shells, discover the lagoon in full comfort and capture those unique instants. It is possible to participate in this adventure from the age of 8 and over. The minimum age to drive the scooter is 16.   All three activities can be arranged through our concierge service. Please advise us in advance so our staff can make the necessary reservations and above all, make the most of the experience!


Experience the Divali event in Mauritius

  • 09/08/2022

A magnificent religious festival is not to be missed during your holiday or long stay in Mauritius at the end of October. Attending the festivities of Divali, the celebration of light, is not only an opportunity to enjoy the entire island’s enlightenment but also a moment of shared communion between all the communities and visitors.   A thousand-year-old tradition celebrated with joy Divali symbolizes the victory of good over evil. It is one of the most important celebrations in Mauritius which reaches across communities and religions. Divali is celebrated by the Hindu community as a way of embracing the spirit of a fresh start and clearing away negative influences. In Hindu mythology, Divali embodies the annihilation of Narakasura by Rama, who is the incarnation of good and evil. This nationally celebrated festival is also known as the ‘festival of lights’. After the traditional puja (prayers), the Hindu community cleans and tidies up the house, while a thousand sweets have been prepared in the kitchen the day before, to be offered to family, friends and passers-by. Outdoors, preparations are underway for the illumination of the house and garden, which is the highlight of the celebration that we are sure you will enjoy.   Let there be light! If you want to explore a magical Mauritius, leave the hotel and hit the road. You have two choices: find a taxi to take you around or take your own car with some traffic jams in the big cities. No matter this slight annoyance! The Divali show will delight children and adults alike. Dress up in your best clothes to honour your guests: it is the perfect opportunity to wear that sari or that superb Indian outfit that has won your favour. Wherever you go, in cities, villages or hamlets, Divali is celebrated, with pomp and circumstance or more modestly. The traditional flickering clay oil lamps have been replaced by more modern illuminations, but the magic and spirit of Divali remains intact.   A tradition of generosity and sharing Park and walk through the streets. All around you, families, passers-by, friends embrace and share wishes for prosperity. Children bang firecrackers, incense and oil from lamps fill the air. A magnificent cultural mix unfolds in front of you: the whole of Mauritius is in the street, participating in the collective fervour in a magnificent spirit of unity and peace. Don’t be surprised if you are invited to enter a courtyard and taste some exquisite cakes. Divali is first and foremost a joyful and friendly sharing celebration. Wish your beautifully dressed hosts and the many Mauritians you will meet “Happy Divali” and they will be happy to tell you more about the rites.   Our recommendation: if Divali is celebrated everywhere, some towns or villages such as Vacoas, Curepipe or Triolet are traditionally the most sparkling ones to celebrate in full light. Make the most of this superb festival, guaranteed to leave you with unforgettable memories.  

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