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Where to spend your May bank holiday? Head for the sun

  • 29/01/2024
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Brighten up your May bank holiday: Explore our Resorts in Mauritius for a 16-day holiday from 46€/pers. May is a lovely month, and there are plenty of surprises in store if you want to spend a dream holiday in Mauritius’ mild sunshine! traveling to Mauritius in May 2024 with the many May bank holidays is the ideal time to escape to sunny horizons and enjoy some memorable moments at low prices. Turn 8 days of carefully timed holidays into a luxurious 16-day getaway to Mauritius. Don’t wait any longer to plan your May break and escape to an unforgettable holiday in the sun. It could be your best stay in Mauritius. Embark on a journey of luxury in Mauritius with our hotel residences Marguery Villas and Mythic Suites & Villas. Discover havens of peace where modern comfort meets natural beauty. Every detail has been thought of to offer you an unrivaled experience. Enjoy the harmony of elegance and serenity in these heavenly destinations. Welcome to a new era of hospitality. Mauritian bliss in May Mauritius: when to go? Mauritius stands out as a paradise destination by excellence, particularly attractive during the month of May, one of the best periods for a stay on the island. It’s the ideal time for an exploration in the mild climate of late austral summer, with pleasant temperatures conducive to getting away from it all. May turns Mauritius into a vibrant scene. From the diversity of its marine life to the tropical gardens in full bloom, countless unsuspected treasures are waiting for you on this enchanting island! The unspoilt secluded spots, picturesque villages and breathtaking tropical landscapes, as well as authentic traditions, make Mauritius a unique destination in May. Soak up the island’s tranquility, strolling along the beach and meeting the friendly locals. Benefit from an exclusive trip in May 2024 with our low-cost half-board stay in a heavenly setting. Book now and let yourself be charmed.  The Mauritian experience awaits you here: MJ Holidays – Our Resort Collection in Mauritius *****  Make the most of our May bank holiday specials “In May, do as you please”. Why not combine the many well-optimized May bank holidays with a unique opportunity to visit the enchanting island of Mauritius with our exclusive offers?  Our tip? Take your holidays on the right dates: Friday 26 April (before the May 1st weekend), Monday 29 April (before May 1st, which is a Tuesday), Tuesday 30 April, Friday 3 May (after May 1st, to create a long weekend), Monday 6 May (before May 8) and Tuesday 7 May (before May 8), Thursday 9 May and Friday 10 May. Turn your 8 days off into a 16-day dream getaway from just €46 per person.  And to make the romance even more memorable, couples can benefit from an early booking discount of 20% for bookings made 90 days before arrival. Our special offers in Mauritius | 5 Star Resort Offers and Promotions (mjholidays.com) Check out flight and hotel packages to Mauritius. This special offer from €46/person takes you into a sumptuous detached villa, fully furnished and equipped, offering space, luxury, garden, tropical setting and private pool. Access top-of-the-range hotel services and a 7-day-a-week concierge service to help you make the most of your stay. Explore Mauritius and its countless charms from your hotel residence Marguery Villas on the west coast or Mythic Suites & Villas in the north of the island. Treat yourself to an enchanted interlude, where comfort and luxury come together at exceptional rates. London to Mauritius is just a step away.Suggested itinerary for 13 days of pure bliss Make the most of your 13-day holiday in May with our itinerary designed to give you the full Mauritian experience. Start by recovering from jet-lag by exploring the heavenly beaches nearest to your hotel residence or enjoying your luxury villa or suite, then set off to discover the hidden treasures of Mauritius on unforgettable excursions. The wide range of land and water sports and leisure activities on offer means that everyone can indulge their desires without moderation. Marvel at the sublime sunsets, explore the local markets and immerse yourself in the rich culture of Mauritius and its warm, welcoming people. Embark on an extraordinary gastronomic odyssey, with influences from Asia, Europe and Africa, and experience a complete change of scenery.  Follow the guide through a variety of experiences, ensuring that every day is a new and wonderful adventure: What to do in Mauritius – marguery-villas-resort   Plan an exclusive getaway in May at one of our resorts in Mauritius and enjoy an unforgettable break. With our exclusive special offer from €46/person, transform your 6 days off and the May bank holidays into an unforgettable 13-day adventure soaked in tropical sunshine and this month mild weather. Discover the luxury and beauty of our hotel residences in the heart of the Indian Ocean, embark on a unique and totally exotic experience and leave enchanted by our exceptional hospitality.


What to do in Mauritius in 2024? Our activities guide

  • 23/01/2024
  • Activities

Discover the true spirit of Mauritius by staying at Mythic Suites&Villas or Marguery Villas. Located in the north and west of the island, these luxurious havens offer privileged access and a strategic location to all the major events in Mauritius. Don’t miss your chance to experience the island to the full in 2024. Embark on a journey through the rich cultural, sporting, religious and festive life of Mauritius, making these residences your ideal base from which to explore the must-sees of 2024. Discover unique cultural events close by, offering an immersive experience of Mauritian authenticity. Explore the vibrant symphony of major events throughout the year, taking in the spirit of this stunning destination. Be it culture, sport or festivities, our exclusive guide unveils the not-to-be-missed must-sees on the paradise island of Mauritius.   Culture and Celebrations  A genuine cultural melting pot, Mauritius is home to a harmonious cohabitation of people of different origins and beliefs. Hindus, Christians, Muslims and Buddhists: each community celebrates its own rites and festivities, thereby expressing the diversity of its traditions. National events such as the National Day in March and the Kreol Festival in November, as well as sporting competitions, attract the country’s mixed population and visitors alike. Festivities include the Chinese New Year in February, the Maha Shivratree pilgrimage and National Day in March, the Chinatown Festival, Eid-Ul-Fitr in April and Divali in October, making for a lively mosaic of cultural events. Music lovers will be delighted by the many concerts and festivals throughout the island. Vibrate to the rhythm of the sega, a traditional Mauritian music featuring captivating rhythms, at the International Kreol Festival in November. Or take in local and international artists at the International Jazz Festival in Mauritius. Indulge in the rituals, concerts and artistic events that keep the heart of the island beating throughout the year. To find out more about these exciting cultural events, discover our other articles dedicated to each of them. Discouver our article   Exciting Sports Events Mauritius is the stage for international sporting events. Thrill-seekers will be spoilt for choice by the exciting sporting events that will be taking place on the island throughout 2024. Adventure raids and water and land sports competitions, such as kite surfing, golf and cycling, promise enthralling moments in the heart of a paradise setting. Several trails and running events are organised throughout the year, open to all, including the Royal Raid in May, the Raidlight Ultra Trail in July, the Ferney Trail in September and the Mauritius Marathon in July. In October, there’s the Bourbon Grand Raid on Reunion Island, the must-do trail race in the southern hemisphere, reserved for experienced trail runners – the perfect opportunity for a combined Mauritius-Reunion holiday! Golf enthusiasts will be delighted to take part in or attend the prestigious tournaments organized on the island, offering a unique experience on exceptional courses. The AfrAsia Bank Mauritius Open and the Staysure Tour bring together some of the world’s most experienced golfers for an exceptional show! Get your swing ready and to register, follow this link. The southern winter, which also corresponds to the low tourist season, is the ideal time for board sports enthusiasts and for holiday promotions. The C Kite Festival at the end of June is a four-day event that enables fans to see the kitesurfing champions take to the waves on C Mauritius Beach. The strategic locations of Mythic Suites&Villas on the east coast and Marguery Villas to the west give you quick access to all the major events in Mauritius. Don’t miss the chance to experience the island’s sporting events to the full in 2024. Indulge in an unforgettable experience, combining the luxury of Mauritian hotels with the adrenaline of exciting sporting events, and book your next holiday now to benefit from special rates.   Local and International Festivals: Cultural and Artistic Celebrations in Mauritius Local festivals showcase the richness of Mauritian music, gastronomy and culture. International events attract a diverse audience, creating a cosmopolitan atmosphere. Be it a passion for music, gastronomy or simply a curiosity about local traditions, these festivals offer an immersive experience. Attend the Kaz’Out Festival, where local and international musicians perform in a warm and festive atmosphere. Immerse yourself in Mauritian culture at the International Kreol Festival in November, where Creole music, dance and cuisine take center stage. The Constance Culinary Festival in March 2024 is one of the most popular gastronomic festivals in Mauritius, harmoniously blending tradition, culture and local produce to create a harmonious symphony of taste and pleasure under the guidance of prestigious chefs. Mauritius also hosts international events that attract a diverse audience. The Festival du Livre in October welcomes the greatest local and international writers. Make sure you don’t miss the Mauritius International Classical Music Festival, a must for classical music lovers. Film lovers will not be left out with the Mauritius International Film Festival, which showcases local and international productions. Whether you are a music lover, a gourmet or a culture enthusiast, the local and international festivals of Mauritius promise unforgettable moments. To discover the rich cultural programme of Agenda 2024, click here.   Agricultural calendar Explore Mauritius’ rich sugar tradition with the sugar cane harvest. Each year, this iconic event begins in June or July, marking the start of the sugar harvest. The fields bustle with skilful cutters, while the sugar factories work in full swing to extract the precious nectar. The festivities reach a climax in December, when the harvest comes to an end. A vibrant tribute to the island’s sugar-growing history, the harvest fuses tradition with modern celebrations. Join the chef on a weekly culinary adventure at our Mythic Suites&Villas restaurant, L’Atelier, where local flavors and fresh ingredients are the order of the day. Share convivial moments over exquisite drinks, perfect for time with friends or family. Our restaurant and events are open to all, Mythic Suites & Villas residents and non-residents alike.   There is nothing more authentic than the vibrant atmosphere of the local markets in every town and village. Enjoy an unforgettable sensory experience, immersed in the culinary, agricultural and cultural wealth of Mauritius in 2024. An adventure where land and tradition come together to offer you unforgettable moments. Discouver our article.     Explore the richness of Mauritius with Marguery Villas and Mythic Suites&Villas! Plan your stay in harmony with local events thanks to our exclusive guide. Choose from our tailor-made offers, adapted to your travel profile. Enjoy the intimacy of Marguery Villas or immerse yourself in the luxury of Mythic Suites. Book early and save up to 20% with MJ Holidays special offers. Request a personalized quote to design the holiday of your dreams. Share your plans on social media by tagging @mjholidays.mauritius, and inspire other travelers!


Combined stay in Mauritius

  • 22/12/2023
  • Destination

Our combined stays are the perfect way to spend a holiday full of enriching experiences, offering a wealth of new discoveries and total relaxation.  What is a combined stay? A combined stay makes for a diverse and enriching experience. It gives you the opportunity to discover different aspects of a region or country, while making the most of the time spent in each place. It’s the ideal option for those who want to discover different cultures, landscapes and atmospheres without having to book several separate trips.  The advantages of a combined stay By opting for a combined stay, you give way to a variety of new experiences. The range of landscapes, flavors and customs is sure to arouse curiosity and broaden your horizons. By combining different places, you get the most out of your holiday and avoid monotony. With a combined stay, your holiday can be tailored to suit your preferences. Spend more time in one of the destinations if you wish, or extend your stay to explore more. What’s more, a combined stay means you can benefit from advantageous offers by grouping together several destinations. Instead of booking several separate trips, you visit several destinations in a single trip. In short, a combined stay is a rich adventure, with the opportunity to make unforgettable memories.   Mauritius and Réunion, the most popular combination stays Opting for a combined Mauritius and Reunion Island stay is a unique experience, combining the natural and cultural richness of these distinctive destinations. Mauritius, renowned for its luxury hotels offering the finest comforts and stylish accommodation, is the perfect setting for a stay of opulence and refinement. Immaculate beaches, hemmed in by crystal-clear waters, form the backdrop to this tropical paradise. Reunion Island is a delight for nature lovers, hikers and those who love the breathtaking scenery of mountains and volcanic landscapes. Its beaches, hemmed in black or white sand, are the perfect place to relax and marvel. The mosaic of Creole traditions is reflected in its spicy dishes and fascinating dances. The natural mountain ranges, real green sanctuaries, boast unforgettable hiking trails. Réunion, a fusion of nature and culture, is a place that charms your heart and awakens your senses.  The perfect length for a combined stay The ideal length for a combined stay in Mauritius and Réunion is around two weeks, for a more complete immersion, so you can fully savor the riches of each place. You’ll be sure to enjoy both islands’ sights, activities and distinct charms to the full. Your time can be split evenly, or you can spend more days in one of the destinations, depending on your personal interests.  Take a combined stay in Mauritius If you’re planning a combined stay in Mauritius, get ready for a memorable experience. Our Mythic Suites&Villas resort in the north of the island is home to sumptuous beaches, luxury accommodation and a myriad of water sports activities. Explore a wealth of natural beauty at our Marguery Villas resort in the west of the island: breathtaking sunsets at Le Morne or Flic-en-Flac, hiking in the Black River Gorges National Park and the authenticity of fishing villages like Tamarin. The perfect blend of seaside relaxation and natural exploration.  Enjoy the north of the island In the north of Mauritius, there are magnificent sandy beaches, turquoise lagoons and spectacular coral reefs. Discovering the north of Mauritius is a fascinating adventure that awakens the senses. Its heavenly beaches, such as Grand-Baie and Choisy, will enthrall you with their crystal-clear waters and stretches of fine sand. Water sports abound, offering an exciting range of activities: snorkeling, diving, kite-surfing, cruises, water-skiing or parasailing, you’re spoilt for choice! The nearby islands add another magical touch, while the bustle and vibrant atmosphere of the region make for a bustling and exciting experience. Explore the north of Mauritius for an experience of natural beauty combined with the vibrant atmosphere of this spell-binding destination.   And discover the west But don’t limit yourself to just one region! To add to your experience, explore the island’s west coast. The atmosphere here is different, with picturesque villages, bustling markets and breathtaking coastal scenery. The west of Mauritius is renowned for its natural beauty, steep cliffs and secluded beaches. You can head to the Black River Gorges National Park to enjoy unique flora and fauna, or venture inland to visit sugar cane plantations and sample local rum. The West is also an ideal place to enjoy spectacular sunsets, try your hand at surfing or kite-surfing and spot dolphins in their natural habitat. The authenticity and cultural diversity of this part of the island are sure to charm you.  Whatever the length of your stay, be it a few days or several weeks, a combined holiday in Mauritius gives you the opportunity to discover two different faces of a region in a single adventure. From the comfort of our luxury en-suite hotel resort with luxury rooms, spacious living-room, individual bathrooms and private pool as well as wellness facilities to the endless beaches and cultural discoveries, prepare yourself for an unforgettable experience and memorable days that combine relaxation, wellness and exploration. So, are you ready for an exceptional getaway of luxury, discovery and wonder?


Mauritius, a fragile ecosystem

  • 22/12/2023
  • Destination

Mauritius, a paradise between sea and sky Mauritius, a small paradise where sea meets sky, is home to an extraordinary and diverse ecosystem. The island is the ideal place to relax and enjoy natural beauties. But as with any paradise, it is also vulnerable.  A wildlife sanctuary Mauritius is home to an incomparably rich and fragile ecosystem, and is a sanctuary for a rich variety of flora and fauna. With its lagoons, the island hosts outstanding biodiversity, including sea turtles and dolphins, coral reefs teeming with tropical fish, and mangroves nesting migratory birds. A number of protected natural areas can also be found there, including the Black River Gorges National Park. Endemic forests and nature reserves shelter unique species, carefully protected to preserve their natural heritage. This island, once home to the famous dodo, now extinct, is today the habitat of species threatened with extinction, prompting the action of numerous NGOs dedicated to the protection of nature and reducing human activities impact. Preserving this ecosystem requires special attention. Efforts to ensure its protection and conservation are multiplying, and include raising awareness among both mauritian population and visitors. A fragile environment Mauritius is home to an ecosystem of exceptional beauty, but unparalleled fragility. Its insularity makes it particularly vulnerable to environmental pressures. Climate change is threatening the island’s coasts, jeopardizing its delicate balance. Human activities and tourism, although sources of prosperity, are exerting increasing pressure on this fragile environment. Faced with these challenges, the government and NGOs are mobilizing to safeguard nature, promoting the protection and conservation of Mauritian ecosystems. Rules of good behavior and a call for respect for nature are emerging to preserve this precious heritage. It is crucial to raise awareness and involve everyone in preserving this unique flora and fauna, working together to ensure a sustainable future for this wealth of biodiversity.   Many hazards The island’s insularity, its distance from the continents and its tropical climate make it a unique environment, but also a vulnerable one. Its coasts are both its main asset and its greatest vulnerability. Climate change is intensifying erosion, threatening shorelines, its stunning beaches and marine biodiversity. Pollution from human activities is a scourge for the endemic and protected species that inhabit these crystal-clear waters. The small size of the territory adds to the challenges: rising sea levels threaten low-lying areas, while drought threatens ecological stability as in rural areas according to statistics. Mauritius, home to unique species and endemic forests, is seeing these natural treasures crumble under the pressure of tourism.  Climate and erosion Mauritius is facing major challenges, mainly linked to climate change. The island’s coasts are regularly subjected to torrential rains and devastating cyclones, exacerbating erosion. Drought threatens the island more and more, adding further constraints to water supply mainly for rural populations. The island’s small size adds to these problems, intensifying existing pressure on natural resources. The crystal-clear lagoons and mangrove swamps, which are home to unique flora and fauna, are suffering the harmful effects of pollution and rising sea levels, threatening their delicate balance. Coastal erosion can also have a negative impact on the island’s economy. It can lead to the loss of tourist areas and natural resources. The government of Mauritius has taken measures to control coastline degradation, including the construction of dykes and jetties and the restoration of mangroves and coral reefs. However, these measures are insufficient to meet the challenges posed by climate change. It is important to raise public awareness about the risks associated with this phenomenon.   Pollution Mauritius is under increasing threat from island pollution.  A combination of factors is responsible, including the lack of litter bins in some places, the incivility of some public space users who do not respect the environment, and little recycling, which leads to an excessive waste build-up. Pollution has major consequences for the island. It can lead to the destruction of beaches, mangroves and coral reefs, which play an essential role in the island’s ecosystem.   The government of Mauritius has taken a number of measures to tackle pollution, including raising public awareness about its risks, reducing plastic use and providing public rubbish bins in tourist areas. Some private initiatives have emerged to sort glass, cardboard, cans, electrical and electronic waste.   Tourism Mauritius’s insularity makes it vulnerable to human activities in this island nation, particularly the flourishing tourism industry. Every year, hundreds of thousands of visitors flock to the island to enjoy water-based activities, creating pollution at sea as well as on its white sandy beaches and disturbing species. The construction of hotels along the coast is altering the shoreline, while tourism developments are having an impact on the surrounding natural environment. Luxury cruises and the growing flow of tourists are increasing the carbon footprint associated with travel.   Despite efforts to raise awareness and promote good practice, the impact remains. Preserving this paradise requires a collective awareness. Reducing the impact of construction, regulating tourist flows and promoting sustainable tourism are crucial to preserving the beauty and natural wealth of Mauritius. A shared responsibility is needed to ensure the long-term future of this island gem.  Conservation actions for Mauritius Numerous initiatives are emerging to safeguard this heritage. Governments, NGOs and regional organizations are mobilizing, raising awareness and educating people about the crucial importance of preservation. Protecting endemic species is a priority. Beach clean-up campaigns are regularly organized to counter the impact of human pollution. Short circuits in the economy are developing, encouraging responsible consumption and limiting our carbon footprint. Water is a precious resource in Mauritius. Limiting the use of water in hotels is an important measure for preserving this resource. Preserving Mauritius is a challenge that requires everyone’s commitment. By taking concrete steps, we can help protect this tropical paradise for the future and promote it as one of the best environmentally and safest countries


When is the best time to visit Mauritius?

  • 20/01/2023
  • Destination

    Mauritius’ paradisiacal setting and tropical climate mean you can stay all year round and enjoy the best weather conditions. No matter when you plan your trip to Mauritius, you will enjoy its beautiful beaches, swimming in crystal clear waters and meeting its friendly people. Whether you’re traveling alone, as a couple or with your family, browse through the calendar of exciting activities that await you.   January to February in Mauritius: Celestial Dragons and Sacred Lake   The national events in Mauritius start in the middle of the southern summer, between the end of January and the beginning of February, with early morning fireworks: our Chinese citizens celebrate the New Year, a time of festivities and rejoicing for the community, with the dance of dragons and lions in various places.   In the damp heat of late February or early March, the magnificent Maha Shivaratri pilgrimage takes place, where pilgrims dressed in white converge on the sacred lake of Ganga Talao in Grand-Bassin for night prayers on this breathtakingly beautiful site. If you are in Mauritius at this time of the year, go and share these moments of intense fervour.   Found here our guide about activities in Mauritius during begining of the year.   As far as temperatures are concerned, summer is here, with high temperatures (up to 34° on the coast) and pleasant swimming in 28° water, ideal for water sports activities. The trade winds make the purple flamboyant trees rustle and the tasty mangoes and pulpy litchis are on every stall. It is also the cyclone season and that of sudden tropical showers, but refreshing in such heat.   Enjoying the island in March and April in Mauritius   The summer heat is beginning to ease, the rains are frequent and the tourist rush is over. This is the perfect time for a romantic getaway or a family holiday to enjoy the cultural life in Mauritius.   On 11 March, head to the dancefloor at the Mystik Festival at the Maritim Resorts & Spa in Balaclava, with a great performance by international and local artists and an international guest. National patriotism is proudly displayed on homes and cars and thousands of four-coloured flags celebrate the bank holidays on 12 March, usually with a street party and concerts. At the end of April, head to Chinatown to celebrate Chinese culture and gastronomy. Traditional dishes, colourful shows and a variety of activities delight visitors to this popular district of Port Louis.   In May and June in Mauritius: On the deserted beach…   The highly tropical Mauritian autumn displays average temperatures of 25° and water ideal for swimming with deserted beaches in this low tourist season. It is a perfect time to spend a day exploring the island’s splendid beaches, such as the less frequented Trou d’Eau douce or Belle-Mare in the east, and to experience an amazing day on the mythical Ile aux Cerfs in a setting worthy of a postcard.   As for folklore, the Dragon Boat Festival in Port-Louis on the seafront is the place to be, where crews compete in a traditional dragon boat race. This festival, listed as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO, brings together supporters and spectators in a joyful atmosphere.   July and August in Mauritius   The mildness of the Mauritian winter (between 20° and 23°) and the absence of heavy rains are ideal for endurance activities: that’s why many trails take place in this season. Come and test your endurance on the rugged terrain of the beautiful mountains, on exclusive 100% natural trails and live an incredible adventure, supervised by experienced sports, technical and medical teams, in a very friendly atmosphere.     During this period of humpback whale migration, check out the aquatic ballet of these giants of the sea on the West Coast.    Looking for a total cultural immersion?  Visit one of Mauritius’ beaches or rivers at the end of August for Ganesh Chaturti, the celebration of the birth of the God Ganesh, whose statues are immersed in natural water places. Our concierges will tell you where the festivities are taking place near our hotels.  September and October: intense Mauritius   More of a contemplative mood? Indulge in the irresistible beauty of the deserted beaches to perfect your tan and marvel at the Festival of Lights, Divali, when Mauritius is lit up with thousands of small clay lamps (on 24 October this year). To experience this magnificent celebration to the fullest, walk through the towns and villages and share the delicacies offered to foreign visitors by Mauritians. In the mild Mauritian spring with ideal running temperatures (between 24° and 27°), put on your trail shoes and challenge the international and local champions in one of the most beautiful races of the sporting calendar. Discover the inland landscapes of Mauritius, climb beautiful mountains and pass through peaceful villages. The CIEL Ferney Trail 2023 takes place on 9 September in the Ferney Valley, Grand-Port (south-west of Mauritius). To participate in the Ferney Trail in the beautiful landscape of this preserved reserve, click here : https://www.ferney.mu/ciel-ferney-trail  Spend the end of the year, November and December in Mauritius   Escape the winter gloom for the magnificent colours of the Mauritian summer. The end of the year means school holidays and beautiful days at the beach or hiking to enjoy the long sunny days under 30°. Many service providers offer a wide range of water sports activities on all the beautiful beaches of the island, so you can enjoy the ideal swimming temperature. This is also the favourite season for many couples for a romantic and exotic wedding or an unforgettable honeymoon in Mauritius: ask Sandrine and Rebecca, our booking department, for advice on how to make your dream honeymoon a success and discover our special offers.   Mauritius remains attractive and exciting in all seasons with its sumptuous landscapes and a plethora of sports and cultural activities for an unforgettable holiday


Unusual accommodation on Rodrigues Island

  • 26/09/2022
  • MJ Holidays

Rodrigues, Mauritius’ younger sister, is a charming haven for visitors staying there. This tiny island has retained its natural beauty surrounded by arid coastal landscapes and green mountains. Nestled within this beautiful and forested landscape is Origin, the island’s most beautiful and eco-friendly lodge.   The perfect name for a village Eloïse and Samuel, a Mauritian couple, fell in love with this dense and wooded valley without any access, not far from the village of Vainqueur. The area’ s peacefulness, isolation and beauty inspired them to settle down there and develop their eco-lodge project, an intimate setting that blends harmoniously with nature’s lush and unspoilt surroundings. After four years of hard work, the result is breathtaking.   Origin chalets, a tribute to nature Set in the heart of a superb forest, four ecological chalets nestled under the canopy of century-old mango trees, built of wood from sustainably managed forests. Built on stilts, these cottages offer a spectacular panorama over the surrounding woodland and gorges. The charming chalets are soberly but tastefully furnished, and include a veranda and a private pool with non-chlorinated water. Water is collected from rainfall and filtered. The cleaning products are also 100% ecological: essential oils, vinegar and bicarbonate of soda. This green paradise is the perfect place for contemplative people and nature lovers.   A Lodge designed on a human scale Escape from the hustle and bustle of the tourist industry, recharge your batteries and indulge in the unique beauty of this lodge in absolute privacy: Origin blends simplicity, comfort and warm hospitality to the joys of hiking in and around the lodge. Those seeking peace and relaxation will find the exceptional location of the site particularly appealing, be it with a good book or just meditating on the terrace.   Taste fresh produce grown in our garden Origin’s cuisine is excellent and Eloise has turned it into one of the best restaurants in Rodrigues. Even if you are not staying at Origin, you can still go there to taste its refined and healthy dishes. Pesticide-free Garden produce grown in an aquaponic greenhouse is privileged, the orchard fruit is picked according to the traditional plant companion technique, and the corn-fed poultry and livestock raised on the small farm are served according to the “farm to fork” philosophy, which guarantees quality of taste and animal welfare. All non-Origin products are supplied by local like-minded farmers. After your meal, treat yourself to the house rhums on offer.   Origin Eco Lodge is our absolute favourite in Rodrigues. A still discreet address, reserved for those who appreciate unspoilt natural surroundings, worth discovering on your next trip to this small island.

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